Supporting out veterans with Combat Stress


On August 6th 2022 , Ferocious Dog unveiled their heartfelt single, “Broken Soldier,” marking the second release from their album, “The Hope,”.

With “Broken Soldier,” Ferocious Dog aims to not only share their music but also make a positive impact. They’ve teamed up with Combat Stress, the UK’s foremost charity dedicated to veterans’ mental health. For over a century, Combat Stress has been providing essential support to former servicemen and women grappling with mental health issues such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, and depression.

In a commendable gesture, Ferocious Dog encourages everyone to contribute to Combat Stress, supporting the well-being of veterans. They’re not just spreading awareness; they’re backing it up with a substantial donation of £5,000 from the Lee Bonsall Memorial Fund to the charity.

Ken Bonsall, reflecting on this collaboration, said, “Having worked closely with Combat Stress for many years since the loss of our son Lee and setting up the Lee Bonsall Memorial Fund to raise awareness of PTSD…Our ambition was that if we could save one veteran or family from going through the pain and heartache we suffered, then we would have achieved our goal.”

Combat Stress’ Director of Fundraising, Robert Marsh, expressed gratitude, saying, “On behalf of Combat Stress and the veterans that seek our unique and vital help, we would like to say thank you to Ken and Karen, their family and friends, the band Ferocious Dog, and the Lee Bonsall Memorial Fund…We very much hope that ‘Broken Soldier’ is a huge success and the awareness generated will encourage other veterans to seek help and not suffer in silence, and that it’s okay not to be okay.”

The poignant lyrics of “Broken Soldier” were penned by Ken’s close friend, Andrew Hawkins, who shared a connection with Lee. Ferocious Dog believes that this song and its accompanying video will serve as a beacon of hope for veterans facing complex mental health conditions like PTSD, urging them to reach out and seek the support they deserve.

To experience the emotional depth of “Broken Soldier,” watch the powerful video above.

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