New Album “Kleptocracy” May 17th 2024

Ferocious Dog’s “Kleptocracy” – A Bold Statement in Folk Punk

Ferocious Dog, a band celebrated for their fusion of traditional folk music with the raw, unapologetic energy of punk, has made a striking return with their latest album, “Kleptocracy.” This album, a powerful critique of political greed and corruption in the UK, marks a significant evolution in the band’s discography, both musically and thematically.

Lyrical Bravery and Political Commentary

“Kleptocracy” is a fearless deep-dive into the murky waters of governmental misconduct. The lyrics are poignant, charged with emotion and a sense of urgency that resonates in today’s political climate. Tracks like “Kleptocracy”, “SusLaws”, “Brixton’s Burning” and “Anger on the streets” are not only musically captivating but also paint a vivid picture of societal discontent and the struggle for justice.

Musical Fusion and Artistry

Musically, the album is a testament to Ferocious Dog’s ability to blend genres seamlessly. The use of folk instruments like the fiddle and mandolin, intertwined with aggressive punk rhythms, creates a sound that is both unique and familiar. The band has managed to elevate their musicality while staying true to their roots, a feat that is evident in tracks like “Merthyr Rising” and “Running with The Hounds Again” where the melody is both haunting and invigorating.

Vocals and Songwriting

The lead vocals in “Kleptocracy” are more passionate than ever, conveying a sense of raw honesty and strength. The songwriting, intricate yet accessible, allows listeners to connect deeply with the themes and messages. Each song tells a story, engaging the audience not just with melodies but with meaningful narratives.

Surpassing Previous Works

While Ferocious Dog has always been known for their bold statements and energetic performances, “Kleptocracy” might just eclipse their previous albums. The combination of timely political commentary and musical experimentation makes this album not only relevant but potentially influential in the folk-punk genre.

This new album takes the band’s signature sound to uncharted territories. The fusion of traditional Celtic instruments with the visceral punch of punk rock has always been their hallmark, but “Kleptocracy” elevates this blend to a new level of sophistication. Songs like “A Place We Call Home” and “Blood Soaked Shores” showcase a maturity in composition, blending intricate melodies with a raw, unfiltered edge that speaks directly to the listener’s soul.

The thematic depth of “Kleptocracy” is particularly noteworthy. Each track serves as a poignant critique of the current socio-political landscape, addressing issues from economic disparity to the erosion of civil liberties with a deftness that is both enlightening and mobilizing. It’s a soundtrack for the times – a rallying cry for awareness and action that resonates with the frustrations and hopes of a generation.

Moreover, the album’s production quality signifies a step up from their previous works. There’s a clarity and richness to the sound that enhances the impact of both the lyrics and the instrumentation. This polished production does not detract from the band’s raw energy; instead, it complements their intensity, ensuring that the message is delivered with both power and precision.

In “Kleptocracy,” Ferocious Dog has not only continued their tradition of challenging the status quo but have also pushed their musical boundaries. This album could very well be a defining moment in their career, marking a transition from a band known for their lively performances to one recognized as serious commentators on the state of the world.

Their ability to encapsulate the spirit of rebellion and resilience in their music is what sets “Kleptocracy” apart. It’s an album that doesn’t just speak to the fans of folk-punk; it speaks to anyone who hears the call for a fairer, more just society. As such, stands as a testament to Ferocious Dog’s evolution as artists and activists, marking a significant chapter in their journey and in the history of folk-punk music.

Potential Impact and Legacy

“Kleptocracy” is poised to resonate well beyond Ferocious Dog’s existing fan base. Its relevance in the current socio-political environment gives it the potential to become a landmark album in their career. It’s an album that not only entertains but also provokes thought and discussion.


In “Kleptocracy,” Ferocious Dog has delivered an album that is both a musical triumph and a powerful social commentary. It’s a bold, unflinching look at the state of politics, wrapped in a sound that is unmistakably Ferocious Dog. This album is sure to leave a lasting impact on listeners and the folk-punk scene alike.

Merry Christmas to all the Hell Hounds from Ferocious Dog

As the yuletide season wraps us in its warm embrace, we extend our heartiest holiday wishes to all the hell hounds out there, may your Christmas be filled with fierce joy and untamed happiness.

This season, let’s raise a toast to the late Shane MacGowan and Kirsty MacColl, whose spirits continue to inspire and resonate in the melodies that define our celebrations. Shane’s poetic genius and Kirsty’s enchanting voice are like guiding stars in the dark night, reminding us of the power of music to connect hearts and transcend time.

So here’s to a Christmas that rocks as hard as you do, filled with memories as enduring tunes of Shane and Kirsty.

Merry Christmas, and may your howls be heard far and wide, life’s good, life’s ferocious.

Supporting out veterans with Combat Stress

On August 6th 2022 , Ferocious Dog unveiled their heartfelt single, “Broken Soldier,” marking the second release from their album, “The Hope,”.

With “Broken Soldier,” Ferocious Dog aims to not only share their music but also make a positive impact. They’ve teamed up with Combat Stress, the UK’s foremost charity dedicated to veterans’ mental health. For over a century, Combat Stress has been providing essential support to former servicemen and women grappling with mental health issues such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, and depression.

In a commendable gesture, Ferocious Dog encourages everyone to contribute to Combat Stress, supporting the well-being of veterans. They’re not just spreading awareness; they’re backing it up with a substantial donation of £5,000 from the Lee Bonsall Memorial Fund to the charity.

Ken Bonsall, reflecting on this collaboration, said, “Having worked closely with Combat Stress for many years since the loss of our son Lee and setting up the Lee Bonsall Memorial Fund to raise awareness of PTSD…Our ambition was that if we could save one veteran or family from going through the pain and heartache we suffered, then we would have achieved our goal.”

Combat Stress’ Director of Fundraising, Robert Marsh, expressed gratitude, saying, “On behalf of Combat Stress and the veterans that seek our unique and vital help, we would like to say thank you to Ken and Karen, their family and friends, the band Ferocious Dog, and the Lee Bonsall Memorial Fund…We very much hope that ‘Broken Soldier’ is a huge success and the awareness generated will encourage other veterans to seek help and not suffer in silence, and that it’s okay not to be okay.”

The poignant lyrics of “Broken Soldier” were penned by Ken’s close friend, Andrew Hawkins, who shared a connection with Lee. Ferocious Dog believes that this song and its accompanying video will serve as a beacon of hope for veterans facing complex mental health conditions like PTSD, urging them to reach out and seek the support they deserve.

To experience the emotional depth of “Broken Soldier,” watch the powerful video above.

Supporting Captain Paul Watson Foundation, help protect our seas

Championing the Seas: Ferocious Dog’s Support for The Captain Paul Watson Foundation

The Captain Paul Watson Foundation is a remarkable public charity dedicated to the vital cause of ocean conservation. As a steadfast supporter of the Captain Paul Watson Foundation (CPWF), we are inspired by its unwavering commitment to protect our precious oceans.

The CPWF serves as a resolute guardian of our oceans, tirelessly educating and shining a spotlight on the exploitation of marine ecosystems and species. It is not merely a nonprofit; it stands as a global powerhouse in the fight against illegal poaching.

In harmony with the United Nations World Charter for Nature, the CPWF operates efficiently with minimal bureaucracy, harnessing the power of media to raise awareness. It stands shoulder to shoulder with environmentalists and conservationists, courageously confronting the threats posed by illegal fishing and poaching. Captain Paul Watson’s philosophy of “aggressive nonviolence” is the foundation’s strategic approach, and its dedicated crew, Neptune’s Pirates, are the valiant defenders of the sea.

Every resource in the CPWF’s arsenal is a weapon used to fund scientific research, launch daring maritime operations, conduct relentless investigations, and support online and land-based campaigns. The CPWF fearlessly tackles urgent ocean threats, including biodiversity loss, declining phytoplankton populations, illegal fishing, the impacts of climate change, plastic and noise pollution, ocean acidification, and the protection of sea turtles, seabirds, endangered species, and the world’s coral reefs.

The CPWF serves as our beacon of hope, a rallying point for those of us who cherish our oceans. It leads the charge with unwavering determination in the battle to secure a thriving future for the lifeblood of our planet.