Can you update the List?

UPDATED: 15/03/2024
(If you have uploaded images without a corresponding Tattoo number or head shot, these would have not be identified, therefore these will have been ignored)

Introducing the Hellhound Tattoo Gallery! Understand that formatting all your tattoo images for the website can be time-consuming. If you’d like to showcase your tattoo here, please send us a high-quality photo of it. For those looking the next number for ensure you request it from Maynard (, do not assume this list is up to date! numbers are solely issued via Facebook.

Formatting images for our extensive community can take a while, so if you’d like it to be updated promptly, send us your tattoo number along with the images both head shot and tattoo to (In case you’re unable to format it, we may need to make adjustments.), don’t forget to add a head shot too so we can keep all the images consistent across the site.

You can also upload the images below…

Submit your Ferocious Dog Tattoo Here

You’re also welcome to share any photos from Ferocious Dog gigs or festival appearances, including pictures with band members. We’ll gladly feature them on the Hellhound FD Fan Page.

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