Supporting Captain Paul Watson Foundation, help protect our seas


Championing the Seas: Ferocious Dog’s Support for The Captain Paul Watson Foundation

The Captain Paul Watson Foundation is a remarkable public charity dedicated to the vital cause of ocean conservation. As a steadfast supporter of the Captain Paul Watson Foundation (CPWF), we are inspired by its unwavering commitment to protect our precious oceans.

The CPWF serves as a resolute guardian of our oceans, tirelessly educating and shining a spotlight on the exploitation of marine ecosystems and species. It is not merely a nonprofit; it stands as a global powerhouse in the fight against illegal poaching.

In harmony with the United Nations World Charter for Nature, the CPWF operates efficiently with minimal bureaucracy, harnessing the power of media to raise awareness. It stands shoulder to shoulder with environmentalists and conservationists, courageously confronting the threats posed by illegal fishing and poaching. Captain Paul Watson’s philosophy of “aggressive nonviolence” is the foundation’s strategic approach, and its dedicated crew, Neptune’s Pirates, are the valiant defenders of the sea.

Every resource in the CPWF’s arsenal is a weapon used to fund scientific research, launch daring maritime operations, conduct relentless investigations, and support online and land-based campaigns. The CPWF fearlessly tackles urgent ocean threats, including biodiversity loss, declining phytoplankton populations, illegal fishing, the impacts of climate change, plastic and noise pollution, ocean acidification, and the protection of sea turtles, seabirds, endangered species, and the world’s coral reefs.

The CPWF serves as our beacon of hope, a rallying point for those of us who cherish our oceans. It leads the charge with unwavering determination in the battle to secure a thriving future for the lifeblood of our planet.

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