Kleptocracy Tour – The Drill (Lincoln)


On the 2nd of June, 2024, Ferocious Dog is gearing up to take Lincoln by storm with a spectacular album launch at The Drill. This event, celebrating the release of their latest album “Kleptocracy,” is set to be a landmark occasion in one of Lincoln’s most exciting new venues.

The Drill: Lincoln’s Emerging Music Hotspot

The Drill in Lincoln has quickly made a name for itself as a vibrant and modern venue for live music and cultural events. Known for its contemporary design and top-notch acoustics, The Drill offers an exceptional space for performances, making it a perfect match for the energy and ethos of Ferocious Dog. The venue’s commitment to hosting a diverse range of acts has established it as a key player in Lincoln’s cultural scene.

A Venue Tailored for Memorable Performances

The Drill’s state-of-the-art facilities and intimate atmosphere ensure an immersive music experience. Its modern interior provides the ideal backdrop for live concerts, allowing fans to fully engage with the performance and the performers to connect deeply with their audience.

Ferocious Dog: Unleashing “Kleptocracy” in Lincoln

At The Drill, Ferocious Dog will showcase their latest work, “Kleptocracy,” an album that seamlessly blends the ferocity of punk with the soul of folk music. The band’s live shows are known for their raw energy and powerful message, and fans can expect a night of music that is both provocative and invigorating. The new album, rich with socially conscious themes, promises to resonate with the audience, making it a fitting centerpiece for the night.

An Evening of Energy and Passion

Attendees can look forward to an evening where the intensity of Ferocious Dog’s music meets the cutting-edge ambiance of The Drill. The band’s performance is set to captivate the crowd, offering a mix of new tracks and beloved classics that showcase their unique sound and message.

A Highlight in Lincoln’s Music Calendar

The anticipation for Ferocious Dog’s performance at The Drill is building, promising to be a highlight for Lincoln’s music lovers. It’s an opportunity to experience the band’s powerful blend of music and message in a venue that epitomizes the contemporary spirit of live performances. The 2nd of June at The Drill is poised to be an unforgettable night, marking another significant milestone in the journey of Ferocious Dog.