Kleptocracy Tour – Nightrain (Bradford)


Ferocious Dog is ready to unleash their latest album, “Kleptocracy,” with a thrilling launch gig at Nightrain in Bradford on the 24th of May, 2024. This event promises to be a powerful showcase of the band’s distinctive folk-punk sound in one of Bradford’s most popular live music venues.

Nightrain: A Beacon in Bradford’s Vibrant Music Scene

Nightrain, known for its dedication to rock and live music, stands as a cornerstone of Bradford’s music scene. This venue, with its distinct rock ‘n’ roll ambiance and commitment to hosting a wide range of live acts, has quickly become a favorite among music enthusiasts. Its unique setting, combined with top-notch sound and lighting systems, creates the perfect atmosphere for an immersive live music experience.

A Venue with a Rock Spirit

Nightrain’s atmosphere is steeped in the spirit of rock, making it an ideal venue for a band like Ferocious Dog, known for their energetic live shows and powerful music. The venue’s layout provides an intimate yet lively setting, allowing fans to fully engage with the performance and experience the music up close.

Ferocious Dog: Showcasing “Kleptocracy”

At Nightrain, Ferocious Dog will showcase their new album “Kleptocracy,” a collection of songs that blend traditional folk elements with the raw energy of punk. Known for their passionate performances and socially conscious lyrics, the band is set to deliver a night of high-energy music that resonates with themes of social justice and political consciousness.

An Evening of Passion and Power

Attendees at Nightrain can expect a night where the intensity of folk-punk meets the rebellious spirit of rock. Ferocious Dog’s performance is sure to captivate the audience, offering a mix of new tracks from “Kleptocracy” and beloved classics that have defined their sound over the years.

A Landmark Event in Bradford’s Music Calendar

The anticipation for Ferocious Dog’s gig at Nightrain is high, promising to be a standout event for Bradford’s music fans. It’s an opportunity for the audience to not only enjoy the band’s powerful music but also to be part of a night that celebrates the enduring spirit and energy of live performances. The 24th of May at Nightrain is set to be an unforgettable evening, marking another milestone in the journey of Ferocious Dog and their impactful contribution to the folk-punk genre.