Ken Bonsall

Lead Vocalist & Guitarist

As one of the founding members of Ferocious Dog, Ken Bonsall is the heart and soul of the band.

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Jamie Burney

Violinist / Vocals

Embarking on his journey with Ferocious Dog in 2022, Jamie Burney has swiftly cemented his place within the band’s dynamic.

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Sam Wood

Multi Instrumentalist

Sam Wood’s repertoire as a multi-instrumentalist in Ferocious Dog is a testament to the band’s rich folk roots.

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Kyle Peters

Guitar / Vocals

Kyle Peters has been rocking with Ferocious Dog for a couple of years since his return.

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Nick Wragg

Bass Guitar

Nick Wragg is the steadfast heartbeat of Ferocious Dog, wielding his bass guitar.

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Luke Grainger


Luke Grainger’s dynamic percussion is the backbone of Ferocious Dog.

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